Premium anti-aging facial essential serum for the ultimate youth and beauty boost. This nourishing  facial serum adds moisture, softens, stimulates and revitalize dry to normal skin.


  • Argan oil stimulates your skins production of collagen.
  • Rosehip oil stimulates your skins cell production.
  • Macadamia oil adds lots of antioxidants to enhance skin firmness.
  • Camellia oil provide smoothing and plumping action whilst sweet almond oil act to deeply nourish and hydrate.


15ml / 30ml


An exclusive blend of four bioactive, organic superfood extracts, counteracting the effects of stress and aging accelerators.

The 4 herbal actives are: yarrow, sage, burdock and St. John’s wort. Blending these four miracle workers results in a true revolutionary skincare product, providing you the maximum effective dose of vital nutritive elements, stimulating your skin’s natural healing process.

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