Mylo is a wonderful & unique Slovakian based company focusing on natural, environmental-friendly and handmade beauty products.


Back in 2013 the brand’s owner Barb was given a book about soap manufacturing and instantly fell in love with it. Her very first home made product was the lavender soap that she poured into a muffin mold. (which we are very proud to stock and you can purchase the ‘upgraded’ 2020 version HERE)


Barb was one of the pioneers of handmade cosmetics in Slovakia and during the past few years she has built a strong and independent brand with an amazing product line.

All products are handmade in small batches using only natural ingredients. 


Mylo believes that all of us as consumers have the power to influence the future of our planet. They are creating products that only consist of organic natural ingredients and that are processed ethically.

It is a well-know secret that their fair trade organic raw shea butter that is being hand processed in Ghana.

To produce environmental-friendly products is another topic Barb is very passionate about. When choosing packages, she endeavours to use recycling, zero waste and return to circulation.

That is why 99% of Mylo packaging consists of reusable and recyclable glass containers. During transport, the glass containers are protected by cardboard coats that consume 60% less material compared to regular paper boxes.


We think they look very cool too!